Shirase: Design Awesome Images and HTML Embeds of Maps

Feb 12, 2020

While building Doko Maps, the application for creating, organizing and sharing lists of places on the web. We received feedback from bloggers and other content creators that it was hard to easily embed a map with one place on a website or to create an engaging image on top of a map illustrating a blog article.

To tackle this problem, we started working on Shirase, a free application to design beautiful web embeds and images of maps.

Designing your own map using Shirase

On the Shirase homepage, you have a variety of already made templates ready to be used. If you don’t find what you’re looking for within the offered options, you can design your map and customize it.

Click on your preferred template and the map preview will automatically update with the style of the selected template.

On the left-hand side, you'll be able to customize your map. Add a title, change the location, the zoom level, font and any other detail you'd think off.

If you have ideas about features, don't hesitate to reach us so we can improve the application.

Once you're satisfied with the preview. You have two choices:
download it as a png image or embed it on your website using an iframe.

Why Shirase?

The inspiration for this tool came from a tool made by Buffer "Pablo  a social media photo editor". We loved the idea of naming it after a famous painter. We decided to name our tool after a not so famous but interesting explorer: Nobu Shirase (白瀬 矗) [1861-1946], a Japanese army officer and explorer. Shirase led the first Japanese Antarctic Expedition, 1910–12 which reached a southern latitude of 80°5′, and made the first landing on the coast of King Edward VII Land. The expedition returned to Japan in 1912 to general acclaim, with no loss of life, no serious injuries and all in good health. To learn more about his life on Wikipedia.

Are you a blogger, traveler, travel magazine, journal 🗞️ and would like to use Doko Maps on your website? Just go to Doko Maps or get in touch.

Jules Dourlens

An explorer working on Doko Maps to help travelers organize and share their traveling experience.