How to add a map to your Wordpress website using Elementor

Feb 16, 2020

This article is written for people who are using the Elementor layout editor on Wordpress. If you're not using it, here is the generic tutorial for how to embed a map on your website.

You're writing about traveling or places you've enjoyed? Your audience might want to see those places on a map to better plan their trip to visit them.

Doko Maps provide you a simple solution to add the map to your website. It's very easy. On your profile go to the "My list" section and select the list you would like to add to your website and follow the steps below.

Doko Maps is an application to create 🎨, organize 🗂️ and share your favorite places 💖💋 on map!

Get the code </>

Go to your list editor view and click the Share button.

Next, a window opens with different sharing options. In the "Embed on a website" section, click the Copy button.

Once you copied the HTML code of your list, go to your Elementor editor for the page you want to embed the list in and in the Elementor widget, search for "HTML code"

Once you dragged and dropped the widget in your page layout. Just paste the HTML code you previously copied inside of the editor on the left and you should directly see your list appear in the preview page.

Just save your page and it's done!

Jules Dourlens

An explorer working on Doko Maps to help travelers organize and share their traveling experience.