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logo Dec 05, 2019

My name is Gaëlle Chirouze and I'm currently working with Doko Maps for a short period as part of the internship.

I have been tasked to review the current Doko Map's identity. When I hear identity, the first thing that comes to my mind is the logo.  For me, the logo is a crucial part of the identity of any concept. One of the first things that people will see. It has to be clear and express as much as possible the idea behind it.

By Minh Fy@北フランス

I appreciated the concept and simplicity of the current logo. But, I felt that it was not personal to Doko Maps. The idea of earth's longitudes, expressed by different shades of blue, wasn't really obvious for me. I've worked on new ideas that I hope represent Doko Maps in a better way.
Here are some research and propositions for a new logo!

#1 - Searching stape...

I realized sketches with some ideas that I've got.

#2 - The first idea...

...expresses the sharing concept of Doko Maps. The sun's rays spread all around the world: Doko Maps is a worldwide community of people who love traveling and sharing! Open letters represent the opening of the world by discovering new places.                                                    

#3 - The second idea...

...creates a bridge between two types of users: the users who post their favorite places, and the users who explore and discover new places. The first users are represented by the question mark formed by the letter "D" and the second ones are represented by the localization icon formed by the bowl of the letter "p".

#4 - The third idea...

...is based on connection concept between everywhere on the earth. Linked points represent all sharing network from places all around the world. The dotted line mentions a treasure map because Doko Maps enable the possibility to discover treasures such as beautiful places!

#5 - The fourth idea...

...represents a landscape, which evokes travels. Mountains invite to travel and sun's rays are spreading in the landscape: it represents the sharing concept of Doko Maps.  The "D", with all this blank space, can be viewed as an open door to the world!


In all these logos...

... there is no serif to keep the typography readable.

🚀 Doko* Maps is live! You can explore 🧭, discover 🌍 and share 💖 many places with your friends. Find all the places recommended by our communities here

📮 If you too want to create a list of your favorite places and share your experiences with friends, just go to Doko Maps

Gaëlle Chirouze

Graphic design student ☀️