Cool applications for travelers!

applications Oct 08, 2019

Planning to travel or just take a weekend off to discover a new place? There are plenty of applications out there which can be time-consuming to find the right for us. Here is a list of some great apps we recently found on the internet.

Direct Flights

Direct Flights is a web application that let you explore all the connections from any airport in the world. Just enter the name of your airport or click it on the 3D globe and you'll see all the flights and their average prices from your airport. We are pretty confident you'll find good ideas for your next trip.


Eightydays is a web app to plan your next trip. Just select your departure city, the dates of your trip and a theme like "Europe best cities", "Europe christmas markets".. And the app will create an itiniraryr with flights and hotels recommendations for you.

Airbnb Experience with animals

Airbnb Experience knows that life’s better with animals and now there’s a new way to meet them with local hosts who care for their welfare. Every experience must follow World Animal Protection guidelines, so you can connect with a clear conscience.


Guidify is a mobile application that enables riders of any kind: surf, skate, snowboard, motorcycle connect with each other while traveling. You're a surfer and want to meet a local that can guide you through the best spots or a local that want to meet travelers? This is an app for you!

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