The features of Doko Maps

Using Doko Maps Sep 02, 2019
We designed Doko Maps to enable anyone to explore, discover and share favorite places.

šŸŒ Explore and discover amazing destinations for your next trip

    Explore authentic contents from the globe and discover amazing destinations shared by other travelers.

šŸšŸšƒ Plan your next trips with spots from the community

    Get inspiration from the community and plan your trips with spots from the community.

šŸ“– Map Local activities in your city

    Business incubator, organic restaurant, vegan grocery, local brewery, etc. Map your favorites activities in your location.

šŸ“® Share your travel experiences with friends.

    Create a list of your favorites places, your past and current travel experiences. Invite your friends and share on Doko Maps.

Bon Voyage

Jules Dourlens

An explorer working on Doko Maps to help travelers organize and share their traveling experience.