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Travel Oct 18, 2019

From 2013 to 2018, I lived in different places in Japan, Kyoto, Yokohama and Okayama city. During that period, I met Jules and we worked together on different projects. During a discussion, we found out that we had the same problems. Friends and family visiting Japan and always asking the same questions? What are the recommendations to enjoy Japan?
We continued the discussion for a while and finally, we came up with, Doko Maps, a tool to easily explore, discover and share your recommendations.

Now, Doko Maps is public and below a few lists created by our community:

Japan in Paris - Cuisine and Culture
Things to see around California, USA
Gerrit's favourite places

You can find all the recommendations on Doko Maps.

Doko Maps, a tool to easily explore, discover and share your recommendations.

How to create your own list

First you have to visit Doko Maps and signup and you are good to go.
You’ll be then asked if you want to create your first list of recommendations. Just chose a name that anyone can understand. Naming your list is important as the name you chose will be the first thing other explorers will see


Once you've chosen the name for your list, you’ll be redirected to the list creation interface. On Doko Maps, you’ll need to structure list by categories. Categories help visitors to filter the places and to have a better understanding of your recommendations.

Don’t worry, the name of a category can be edited later, and you’ll always be able to add more or delete some.


For our first category, we’ll name it Restaurants. But you could have chosen anything you want like Hotels, Bars, Museums, Doctors, Parks, Cool photo spots…

Once our first category is created, we’re able to add places to it. Click the add new place button and search for its name.


After selecting the place you want to add to your list, you’ll be able to add a description to it by clicking the edit button next to it. The description can be personal or add any tips, you don’t have to write a description if you don’t feel inspired.

After adding more places and categories to my list, it is ready to be shared. In the settings we can add a small description and find the sharing link to be sent to your friends..

Click save and exit and you’ll be able to see the result of your work.

Et voila! You can now visit this example map of Ostend in Belgium.

Doko Maps is being used by Airbnb hosts, hotel, hostel, etc for sharing or printing the recommendations.We invite you to try Doko Maps or read our blog to get tips foryour next travel.

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