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Travel Sep 29, 2019

Portugal is considered as the best place to surf in Europe. It's the home of Nazare, one of the biggest wave in the world but has also a ton of other famous spots like Supertubos the site of the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal the World Surf League Men's Championship Tour event. While Portugal is famous for those waves rode by professionals, it's also a good place to learn surfing.

With amazing waves and coastal scenery, Portugal is also famous for food. You'll enjoy freshly catched fish, meat lover will enjoy BBQ and bitoque. While the people who love sweets will enjoy pastries like pastel de nata.

Our favorite places for enjoying waves in Portugal are in Ericeira and Peniche.


Ericeira surf spots are renowned for their level of consistency across all level of surfers, their water quality and the uniquely beautiful surrounding, so much so that the area was officially recognised back in October 2011, when it was named as a World Surf Reserve. Ericeira, pronounced Eery-Say-Reh, is the surf capital of Portugal, often described as a Surfing Mecca due to its abundance of waves.

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The little fishing town of Peniche is not the prettiest spot on the Portuguese coast, but it's probably the most renowned surfing area in the country. Originally an island, Peniche became one with the mainland due to the silting up of the shallow channel that divided it from the rest of the country. Today that short and narrow spit of land contains an obscene amount of wave variety that can provide the goods in almost any conditions. Most famous is Supertubos, regarded by many as one of Europe's best beach breaks, but there are plenty of other barrels to pull into around Peniche.
Peniche is a year round destination with swell exposure on the north side of the town and shelter on the south. The town also sits at the dividing point between the cooler and wetter north and the dry, sunny south meaning that summers are long but tempered by cool sea breezes and the winters mild though occasionally stormy.

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🇵🇹Portugal offers a lot of things to visit and discover. You can find all the places recommended by our community here.

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